Tuesday, February 24, 2009


In Which I'm...Where...Wait...WHAT now...?

Sorry, sorry. I’ve been busy.


Preparing for my job interview tomorrow.

The one that will make me a college journalism professor. Somewhere.

Or not.

And if not, well, I still have about 10 more weeks of unemployment.

Oh, and that book proposal I need to work on.

The one my agent is waiting for.

(Ooh, did I bury the lead?)

More soon. I swear. Meanwhile, have a thought for me tomorrow.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Break a leg!

Actually, knowing you(r blog)....
I will have fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you, MM. Knock 'em dead, man!

Someday, I'll have to pick your brain about book proposals and agents. Can't wait to see where your story is going. :)
Happy Thoughts and Best Wishes!
I totally thought of sending you an email today to see how things were going since you hadn't posted in a while. And, of course, didn't get around to it (under the weather), but here you are.

Best of luck tomorrow! And I look forward to hearing more about the book.
Hells yeah! Good luck, MM.
Wowie! Good thoughts already on the way. Good luck with everything, MM!
Good luck! I'll be thining happy thoughts for you, while at the same time cursing you for leaving us only teasers with no fun detail.
Hope it goes well!
Yay for MM. Although it occurs to me that you could always open that detective agency -- if the other stuff doesn't work out, that is.
I second Angel (knowing you(r blog)). Seriously, good thoughts, prayers, and juju heading your way. Keep us all updated.
Good luck!!
At the risk of being redundant, good luck!
hahaha! I love you, MM.

I can't wait to own a copy of your book. Which I hope is a narrative, and not another treatise on man sex, or whatever ;>

Are you sure you shouldn't be teaching creative writing?
You would make a fantastic professor! You're already a fantastic writer so a book deal is the cherry on top.

Prayers, best wishes and possibly good voodoo headed your way.
Hoping for the best for you!
And let me know when I can pre-order....
What happy, happy news! Go get 'em!
Good luck! I won't cross fingers, 'cause I think Merujo's got that covered.
Best of luck, MM!
Good luck!
Good luck!
You know we are cheering for you (from the cheap seats).
How about two words for you? GOOD LUCK!!!!!
I'll have lots and lots of thoughts working for you, plus crossing fingers, toes. rabbit's foot out and yes, even some prayers for you as well! I think any university that doesn't hire you as a professor would have to have their collective heads examined cause what they would be losing there -well, it would ultimately be the students who would be the losers in that deal but I do think you'd do great in a position like that. Keep the news coming on the book ideas too. So much potential in you, my friend, and I hate to see it sitting a bit dormant for the time being.
good luck!!! :)

Cindy in CO
Good luck tomorrow MM, and please don't make us beg for news on how things are going with you. Begging is so unattractive.

Okay, okay, so I'll beg. Give us an update soon, pleassseee?
Hoping all goes (is going?) well with the job interview and I hope you get the job but-more importantly-I hope you get a good blog story out of the experience! (and not in a "I broke something" sense!)
Good luck with everything, MM! You can do it!
Good Luck with your interview! I am sure you will be your spectacular self!

I can't wait to hear when you book is coming out. If it is as entertaining as your blog, I am sure you will have people lined up around the block to get their own copy!
consider a thought had - best of luck!
Hope the interview went great, MM! I am sending mojo to the hiring committee since I didn't check your blog until just now.
[sings] We're sending you good vibrations . . .
good luck!!!

don't college professors get tenure when they manage book deals?
Wow, bury the lead much?
Best of luck - you'll do great!
- K.
Have "a thought for you tomorrow"? Nay, sir, a gigantic beseeching prayer. And I have faith that you will get what you need!
Breast wishes! ;)
You will not only rock as a journalism prof but if you make a good long career there, I believe your kids will get free college. That would be the icing on the cake. Break a pen!
Karma flakes heading your way.
How exciting MM!! Lots and lots of luck.
Please tell me you got the job--and it's at the University of Washington. That'd get my housewifely butt back in school right quick!
Sending positive vibes and good wishes your way. Knock 'em dead.
Good luck MM!!! Looking forward to hearing about wonderful things happening to you. You deserve it!
Good luck from me too! And I can't wait to be the first to get a signed copy of your great book!

You, my friend, will always land on your feet.
Can't wait to hear the results of your interview. Since it involved flying to get there, I assume you will have to relocate your family? (I am positive you got the job) I agree that you will be an outstanding professor and a great inspiration to your students. Also, will get on waitlist for your book as soon as its available.
Well, how did it go??
... Sending good thoughts your way!
I echo Arwen....I am waiting on tenter hooks!!! This is phenomenal news. See? WE all knew there would be a demand for the amazingness that is YOU!
still keeping a good thought for you...
Hey MM, I gave you an award, the Honest Scrap award.
MM, waiting to hear. even if things are not falling seamlessly into place, please do not panic nor surrender. there's some serious character-building taking place, I just know it. have faith. and please tell us you're okay.
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