Thursday, May 28, 2009


Road Vlog #2...

Wow, really tired tonight. Either from driving or talking to myself the whole trip.

Here's today's vlog, refreshingly free of excessive nostril focus, but with brief yet diverting coverage of my right ear.

Hey, it came down to a choice between this or some ramblings about the real moral of the story of Clifford the Big Red Dog (which, while information I think every discerning person should have, was nevertheless the longer of the two vlogs, and this WiFi connection is way slow), so count yourself lucky.

And to bed.

From Sozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Is Blaze gonna share the scoop of the REAL meaning of Clifford the big red dog?
Is that the Waterboys on the stereo?
hummm....... raises a number of questions! Where are you going? What will you do? Are you alone, other than Blaze? And the all important one, should we be concerned for your road safety? I know, its an adventure but still..........
keep 'em coming. Enjoying the trip so far, even though I have no idea where we are going. Of course, once the "adventure" starts, things will get interesting.
Perhaps Jonathan has the soundtrack right. I was going to guess something by The Chieftains, though.
I'm overflowing with questions: How long will you be gone? What will the homestead do without its two protectors? How can you stand to be away from your adorable family? But the one question that keeps winning out is: What was playing on the radio/CD player?!
And aside from the burning question of what was on the radio is the other one: why do you keep moving the camera? Do hide it from cops as you drive by? To give us wonderful shots of your nose and ear? Or perhaps to make us all cringe? And poor Blaze. Was it his choice to stay in the back in his cage? Or punishment for getting that ticket?
Definitely Waterboys. We Will Not Be Lovers off of Fisherman's Blues, if I'm not mistaken...
Can't wait to hear the story with this one.

Luv the beard stubble.

This is fun - keep up the Vlogs!
"toiling away in obscurity." really? not complete obscurity, since you have legions of rabid online fans...

so your copilot is now a backseat driver?
"Travels with Blaze"? A Steinbeck-esque adventure?
I loooove the waterboys - recognised it immediately - now what were you saying???? Better play it again lol
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