Sunday, May 31, 2009


Road Vlog #4...

My friend and fellow blogger Jim Sullivan (aka Suldog) has been a faithful online pal--moreso than I deserve, for sure. Certainly the man has bigger fish to fry. I have been so pleased to watch him grow in stature on the 'sphere (have you seen his numbers?), not just because he deserves it, but because I intend to cash in on his fame by using one of his many kind remarks about me as a blurb on my book.

Seriously, Jim has been a great source of inspiration and motivation to me, in ways both special and strange. On the strange side, I live in fear of being placed in the detention zone that he reserves for bloggers who have not posted in 30 days (once was enough!) On the special side: his blog also sets me in a place I do not deserve (although it of course secretly pleases me). He provides unfailingly positive encouragement in the form of his comments and emails. And he regularly sends interesting people my way, most recently through the good offices of the excellent Authorblog.

It was also because of Jim that I received the CD Mister Rogers Swings! Which absolutely SAVED my long day of driving in the rain:

Since the Brownie hijacked the CD when it arrived, I didn't get to make as timely (or as articulate) a post about it as Jim did, but we are most certainly of one mind about its excellence.

Jim's original post had this info about the CD, but such things always bear repeating:

The Amazon page to get your own CD.

Where to go to hear and learn more about my new crush Holly for yourself.

And to Suldog, I just have to say the one thing I don't say nearly often enough: Thank you, my blogging brother.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

We'll have to organize a bunch of meet-ups when you go on your book tour. Maybe it's time you added a forum to the blog. is a free service, so even a struggling writer could afford to better communicate with his fan base.

Just an idea....
I still wish you'd pull over, but I am really enjoying the vlogs.

I'm hoping you'll soon end the suspense of where you're going, and why Blaze is with you, and what WILL you be doing for the next 30 days...
Oh my. Didn't think about Blaze being on the trip.

Blaze is 'going to the farm', both literally and euphemistically, isn't he? Poor Blaze -- he's had a good run, though, hasn't he?
Rurality--I appreciate the caution, and share it. I am officially pulled over, although I may still post some bonus vlogs.

Dan--Sorry if I gave you or anyone else the impression that Blaze is headed "for the farm" in any way except to visit. The Brownie may have dismissed him as fat and stinky, but he's pretty indispensible at the Magazine Mansion.
Whew! Thanks. We all know that day will come, when a beloved pet goes to their reward, but we don't relish the trauma involved.
That CD does sound pretty cool. I got a jazz version of some Peanuts music many, many years ago and I still listen to it sometimes.
Also....not a music CD, but there is a Schoolhouse Rock DVD available, a must-have for any child of the 70's. Especially one with kids of his own.
So glad to hear that Blaze isn't headed for the farm 'cause that's also what I expected since you're so darn secretive!
Oh, my. Now I'm going to have to buy all new hats to go with my swollen head. Thank you, MM, very much.
If you ever choose to not keep Blaze We'll be lining up to compete for him.
Little Richard (of long ago fame) did a tape..sorry I said long ago..of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Let me tell you if you were playing that on the road, the blue lights behind you would come on. It really rocks.
his just visiting right?
His coming home right?

Oh blaze.
This was great and really made a bad day better. Thanks, MM.
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