Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Road Vlog Number 1 (possibly Number Only)...

Oh, dear lord,

As if we needed more reason to be thankful that Shane and his wonderful vlogs have returned, I offer you a video post from the road, which I originally named "Raining Cops and Dogs."

But which should really be called "MM's Nostril Theater." Especially towards the end. WTF?

Here's hoping I manage to avoid cutting off the top of my head--along with my eyeballs--in future installments. Always assuming there are any. Damn, but Shane makes it look easy.

Still, despite the rain, the brush with the law, the already-crushing longing for my family, my nonexistent camera skills, I must admit:

It is deeply cool to be on the road, headed east, knowing what the next month holds for me.

More soon.

From Somewhere in America

What Kerry and Jay said. Hawesome!
Have a great trip!
Blaze is coming to New England? On behalf of the entire region, let me say that we are both honored and humbled to be visited by such an august personage.
Okay, you've done me in again and left me cracking up over the thought of a dog driving and getting pulled over!
And I thought Suldog had a warped but very imaginative mind. I need some candles now to see which of you can hold a candle in the goofy department. No reference intended to any Disney dogs in that statement.
Hawesome times 2!

I was all atwitter when the NickerVlogs returned (and totally jazzed at getting a shout out from Shane) but now you've vlogged!?!

Today is a good day. :)

If you and Blaze are coming through Ohio, give us a shout! :)
OMG! You and Shane are now Vlogging! The internets may not be able to stand the Hawesomeness!
i look forward to reading more stories about your times east....i can only assume new hampshire, BB, plus having blaze in the mix will surely make for some good tales. drive safe!!
Thanks for the laugh. That was awesome. Where "east" are you headed? I assume NH, but would be happy to buy you a beer if you're in the DC area.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no! You pull over and Vlog. You are not authorized to Vlog and drive at the same time!

Having said that, I hope to see more of them. (With you on the roadside. Pulled over. At a rest stop.)
Poor blaze.
Is his license revoked?
yay for road trips with your best friend!

but, drive safe, would you?
Blaze can "talk" his way out of anything...look what he managed to do to the peeping tom kids! Hawesome! (you gotta make Shane proud!)
Oh my god, I KNEW there had to be a good reason for bringing the Vlogs back! Welcome to VLOGLAND. I think this warrants a... HAWESOME! Now I need to go post Hawesome #2.
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