Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Vlog Out...

Here at last. A short vlog, with none of that annoying camera motion you got while I was driving. Instead, you can have the nausea inducing camera motion that comes with walking.

I hate to tell you that this will be it for a while, because that's the sort of thing that makes me post something a day later. But I expect to be busy. I expect to be offline. I expect to have some fun while I'm gone.

So for now, I won't say "See you in a month," or "So long for a little while."

Instead, I will just say "..."

Enjoy! And you will be pleased to know I am suspending the "30-day rule" for you, so as to take a tiny bit of the pressure off (although I suspect you can't physically go for more than 30 days without communicating, anyway...)

As always, God bless and good luck!
best wishes on that draft...the first one is always a doosey!
Sending good writing vibes your way!!

Enjoy your time both with and without your son. I'm sure living with your brother again will be a font of story fodder for the future. Much luck on the story proposal and book.
Have a good month! Hope all your writing goes well. New Hampshire in the summer is really awesome...I only experienced one of them while I was living there but I had a lot of fun going hiking that year.
Check back in when you can. Get a lot done when you're not.

Best of luck.

Standing by.

What a grand adventure! Enjoy and good luck.
Good luck with your writing retreat! I can't wait to read the final product :)
Hey MM, saw this article on the Onion and thought of you :D
I blame Suldog for the remarkable discovery of your blog. I'm quite sure I'll be back as I am a writer/aspiring author myself - and your blog is full of all sorts of delicious things that interest me.

and on that note, I'm off to eat a loaf of garlic bread and effectively cancel my workout.
Vlog out with your log out!
Can you feel the bated breath?

(though I'm not quite sure if it's for another post or for your BOOK)

I'm turning into more of an editor than a writer these days it's seeming, and if that's any use to you, know that you've got me in your back pocket.

Hope everything is going well, MM. I think I'm really posting this for myself just so I can see something new on your blog. Waiting a month for a new post sucks even more than waiting for the BB OUIJA board story that you're going to post this October (hint, hint).

Seriously, I hope your month and change is going productively for you, MM.
Gosh, I can't wait for your next update. Hope everything is going better than planned.

I got a gift card for B&N yesterday. Would love to spend it on your book.
Best wishes on the journey ahead!

A month and a half? Come on now!
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