Wednesday, February 24, 2010


In Which We Let the Dog Out of the Bag...

Busy week here. Well, every week’s been a busy week, but I’m committed to putting something up here more regularly than once every 90 days.

So in lieu of the usual, I’m sending you over to a fun blog called Coffee with a Canine. We were invited to participate a couple of weeks back and Blaze agreed before I even had a chance to think about it. But I’m glad he did. It’s a neat concept, and we enjoyed being part of it. So grab a cup of joe and head on over.

More soon.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Now that was a great story about Blaze, how he came to live with you and your family and his great attributes. Our little mutt -(Sammy) who just came to live with us this past November -follows either my daughter or me EVERYWHERE in the house. We can't seem to make any move without having his nose almost up, you know where. And now that the Tom-kitten we have has decided to befriend him, he does the same thing to Fluff-Nuts, that kitten. Currently Sammy has a job to perform though and that's taking me for a walk, roughly a mile and a half at least once a day to help me get a little exercise and hopefully, lose a few pounds too. How well that is working on the weight loss remains to be seen, but it's sure helping my attitude about lots of things to improve because of the great fresh air it's providing to me. Right now, as I type this, he's lying directly under my chair, with his nose now on my feet. I much prefer this to walking around the house with his nose practically up my butt though. Although I'm not too sure if Blaze and our Sammy would get along if e'er they met, I do think both dogs would share a lot of beliefs, likes and dislikes about life with children and grown-ups, with children being the better end of those relationships.
Thanks for sharing! Blaze truly is one amazing dog. We had a dog with his loyalty level when I was a child - a black and white dog named Murphy. Murphy was killed by a car when I was really young and I never really knew him, but his stories live on...
I knew you would do a great job on C with C. Blaze deserved his own cover story. He is the best. Now I have to buy SEP to catch that version.
That was great! Another blog site to add to my list. Now we need you to write all about that visit at BB's, well, that and the missing 3 months of the great move and taking of the new job. So glad you are back MM.
Anything which includes Blaze is worth a trip. On my way!
Wait a second. You had ANOTHER run-in with Blaze's previous owner? Holy crap. How?

And I could swear that the story was that your kids saw Blaze on TV and you went and picked him up because of how much they wanted him. That's a better story than this friend of a friend stuff even if my brain is making it up.
Rescued dogs, I am convinced, repay their rescuer many times over. I own a German Shep. Heinz 57 mix I adopted from Humane Society after being dumped there with puppies by a woman who feared her companion male was going to "beat the living H___ out of her."

She is unbelievably loving to my husband and I. She was such a transformation before our eyes when we brough t her home. I think she will be on Coffee with a Canine later.

Enjoyed the read and also a couple of times I've dropped by your blog.
I enjoyed reading that little interview :) Sometimes it's nice to step out of the storytelling and just list some frank facts and feelings.

That said, never stop telling stories! (Not that I think it's actually possible for you to stop.)
you still amaze me.
Please post as much as you can.
Without your words ... the mornings seem a little less bright.

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