Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Weep not, my lovely pack!

Oh! Melodramatic monkey has worried you needlessly.

Honestly. Just a scratch. Stings a bit. Less so just now. Lovely veterinarian, free hand with the anesthetics. May yet be feeling their influence. Quite lovely.

At rest upon The Big Bed. In The Girl’s lap. She is scratching The Good Spot Behind the Ears. The Queen Baby here too. Weeping. Shed no tears, my darling puppy. I tell you, I am feeling no pain. None.


Where was I?

Cannot seem to lick myself. Something in the way. Oh. It's a...what is it? No matter.

I am well. I am lovely! The reports of my death, et cetera. Will take more than a little surgery to still this dog’s heart, which is bursting with emotion for you all. I love everyone! And I tell you this: never again shall

Roast Beef! Oh! The Boy has brought. Let me—

Rrr. Dizzy to sit up. Maybe later.

Mm. Big Bed. Good Spot. Roast Beef.




yay blaze! so much relief form all of us.
Good news! Thanks for the photographic, intoxicated update.
Yay Blaze - so relieved after his last post
I'm so glad Blaze is home and doing well!
Phew. Heal quickly Blaze.
Hooray! Glad Blaze is okay. Thanks for keeping us up to date!
Ah, relieved enough to click through from RSS and comment...Thank goodness!!!
Glad Blaze was able to update us so soon. He sounds....good.
So relieved to hear it, Blaze! I was worried for you. Rest easy, my friend.
It sucks to see him like that :( But I'm glad he's OK.

Here's hoping for a quick recovery. And you know, it can't be all that good for a dog to continue typing in the condition he's in ;)
Yay!!! Best news I've heard all day.
Boy -I'd really hate to think of anything happening to you, Blaze, that would prevent your being around your family. Glad to hear that you're on the mend.
Glad to see that Blaze is getting so much love. He is one spectacular, heroic dog.
Aw, Blazey. Dearest, sweetest dog ever. You just stay right there on The Big Bed until you feel better.

Tell The Man that Old Auntie Thim said so.

(((gentle hugs))) to you, and your entire pack.

XO Thim :)
Yay!! So happy to hear that Blaze came through surgery okay and is at home surrounded by the people that love him most. We know he's in good hands! Thanks for the update.

I know he's okay an' all, but I still cried when I saw him in that cone. Who knew you could love a dog you never met?

Glad he's on the mend.
So glad you are okay Blaze! Milk the extra love and attention, you more than deserve it for your unfailing faithful devotion to your family. Rest easy dear boy.
Blaze, you are a wonderful being of exceptional character! Rest well and recover quickly. Your pack needs you.
I know the pleasures of anesthetics, Blaze. Enjoy!

Oh, yes... glad to hear you're not as hideously injured as The Man said you were. We all know how prone he is to exaggeration, but still he had us greatly worried. How could we NOT be, considering the noble one about whom he was chittering?
Oh Blaze, what a true & loyal protector you are. I'm so glad you're ok. Take your time to heal, enjoy the big bed while you can & all the extra love that will come with it. (and Roast Beef):)

I have to agree completely with Kerrie above, "Who knew you could love a dog you never met" No truer words... Sending warm thoughts to you & your family & praying for a quick & painless recovery
Really excellent news.
Blaze is beyond awesome, as always.
Glad to hear you're okay, Blaze. I missed the earlier post so didn't know what happened. I'm caught up now.
To Adolph and Eva - WTH? You know MM and Blaze. Something's not right there. I've owned many GSDs over the years and none have ever acted like that.
Yay! Recover soon, Blaze--we need your clear vision here. :)
Blaze, you are the best and please know that if love will make you better sooner, you were better yesterday.
If you are thinking rematch, I'd gladly get your back for you.
Heal quickly friend and wear that hero's medal proudly.
Your friend in battle--- small but fearless, Mighty Dog
LOVE you, Blaze. :)
Whew! Thank the maker that our Blaze came through it alright. and not to worry, the "Cone of shame" looks awesome on him..especially since it's all see-through.
so glad you're ok Blaze - enjoy the drugs while they last! you're in good hands
So glad he's ok. Hope you can find a quick solution to the imaginary fence problem. Also hope the owner's Homeowner's Insurance will pay your vet bill.
Excellent news, Blazey! Enjoy those drugs!
yay! i've been worried. i'm quite relieved that the chitterings of the ape were overblown.

enjoy your roast beef and drugs, my friend. you're living the high life now.
I feel for you and possible lingering resentment. I still have not spoken to my neighbors since their cat attacked and injured my cat a year or so ago. I'm glad Blaze will be okay.
I love Blaze. Seriously.

Snout up, Blaze! Courage!
Glad to hear you are on the mend, Blaze! What trouble that man of yours can find. Good thing he has you by his side. Rest well and enjoy all the treats he'll bring to show his respect and thanks. Lizardmom
Yay Blaze! I hope you get lots of low fat cookies and treats while you are on the mend. Maybe some frozen vanilla yogurt - my Julieta loves that! Great job protecting the man.
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