Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Not Dead, Just in Rewrites

Sorry I’ve been away, but it’s one week to the Book Launch.

That’s right, sports fans, the global release of The Book I Wrote for My Kid is October 30—also known as Thomas’ 14th birthday—in seven short days. I just have a few notes to massage into the manuscript.

Well, a few hundred thousand notes.

Note to self: Handwritten notes to self are time-sensitive. After 72 hours, they will not make a lick of sense to anyone. Including you. In fact, especially you. 

Since I first posted about this, I have spent at least a few hours every night, and most waking hours of 
my weekends scribbling notes, rewriting or moving around whole chunks of story and twice, so far, firing up the editorial backhoe to fill in two gaping plot holes.

I’m in the homestretch, though, just five chapters (out of 31) to go. Only one substantial rewrite left. And I’m not quite happy with the last page. Is anyone every happy with the last page? I don’t know.

I do know this: In a long career of overdoing it when it comes to my kids’ birthdays, this may be the pinnacle. Well beyond, say, the all-nighter I pulled building Thomas a fantastic wooden train layout in the living room, or the month I spent driving across half the Midwest to find him a specific action figure.

It does, however, pale in comparison to the efforts of Her Lovely Self, who once carried him around in a bag of water for nine months, then forcibly ejected him into the world. You have to keep perspective on these things.

I don’t know how many thousands of hours I’ve spent on this book over the past few years, but I do know if I were to multiply it out based on, say, my hourly freelance rate, it would have been cheaper to buy Thomas a car. Instead, he gets a book, the slightly desperate hope of his father that it doesn’t suck, and the reassurance that, whatever efforts I’ve expended to make him this gift, he is absolutely more than worth it.

So, apologies, all. I know some of you were hoping for an October Moment, but at this particular moment in October I’m haunted by the thought of not finishing this book, and that's scary enough for me, thanks. Hope it is for you too.

More soon…

Sounds like your priorities are just right. Lucky Thomas. :)
Well done getting to this stage! Finishing it will be awesome.
Hooray! That's wonderful that you are finishing the book for Thomas. He will love it!
So, uh, when can WE buy a copy?

(P.S. It's like you read my mind or something. I came here today with the thought that I would again soon have to relegate you to the second division of links on my blog. You made it under the deadline :-) )
Happy birthday in advance to Thomas! And looking forward very much to reading the book when it's done.
I know you've been down this emotional road before and I'm not telling you anything you don't know. But 14 year olds are a tough audience. I hope you're not too wrapped up in what Thomas thinks of your work even though we already know he's liked what he's read so far. He might not really appreciate the work you're doing for him for a long, LONG time. As much as I want Thomas to like your book, I'd really be unhappy if he killed your budding fiction career. But for that matter, the internet is probably a tougher audience. Just how global does global mean to you?

And this is kind of mean, but I'm wondering if there's a backup present. You know, like an iPad hanging out in the closet if the CRAP hits the fan.
Anonymous: Points all well taken. Perhaps I would have been better off calling this a world premiere, in that the entire press run (of one) will be released next week, to be followed up by, perhaps, a broader release. And I would be engaging in the worst kind of self-deception if I didn't admit what I think we all know: I've enjoyed doing this. Even knowing that there's a chance Thomas won't enjoy the second act of this show as much as he enjoyed the first, it's been wonderful--difficult, but wonderful--to engage in a kind of writing I haven't done in years.

Oh, and if the book really is a total flop, I do have a backup plan. Two words: Halo 4. --mm
Just make sure it's on kindle so that we can buy the darn thing and read it in bed.
What a lucky son! I consider family certainly is a stp[ higher on the priority scale than blogging.
If we agree not to cry or make a fuss, can we have ouija boards next year?
I don't know where you are now. If you're in Sandy's path i hope we get a good story out of it.

be safe.
No October moment but age 14 equals 2 lucky 7's so it has to mean something... What an awesome thing to do for your son.

I hate proving that I'm not a robot. I think a robot would have better eyesight than I do...
Happy Birthday Thomas. You know, MM, if you were ever to make this book available in either paper or electronic form, I'd buy a copy right away. Because you are a supreme wordsmith, and I know it will be awesome.
Happy Birthday Thomas.

Well done Dad.

Thomas, maybe some day you'll share it with the rest of your Dad's fans? :)

I have missed you all, Magazine Family, and so glad to hear that life is good. Hope that you're safe after Sandy, wherever it is you all ended up settling.

MM where have I been? Geez you have a book....where can I get it?

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